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Sports and Fitness Models

Fitness modelling is a unique aspect of the industry that takes commitment and dedication. Consumers can tell the difference between a model that is thin and a sports and fitness model that has toned muscles and definition in her legs, arms and stomach. If you are looking for brand ambassadors and photographic talent for your print collateral, our team of sports models are Australia’s best.

Our photographic models are incredibly talented at fitness modelling for print ads, and they are also available for live events as promo girls, product demonstrators and event staff. Covergirl Promotional Models is a unique modelling and talent agency in that we provide print and event models for all types of corporate customers in Australia. Our promotional models are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra.

Some of the great ways you can use our fit beauties to promote your brand include the following:


When you want your fitness gear to be the focus, let our stunning girls make it look as good as possible. Perfect for advertising, websites and catalogues, our photographic models will highlight the best of your new line and entice customers to buy.


Our sports models don’t just look good, they actually know what they’re doing. They can demonstrate your equipment using proper form for live demo’s or great photos that look beautiful and speak to industry professionals.

Food and Drink

Let consumers see what type of body transformation they can achieve when they indulge in your health foods or sports drinks. With gorgeous fitness models promoting your products, you’ll appeal to your target audience with ease.

Promotional Staff for Your Marketing Campaign

The Covergirl team of promotional models are perfect for any type of promotional marketing campaign. Whether print, an exhibition or other live event, we can provide you with the fitness models and stunning photographic talent to give your brand the edge you want.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the type of promotion girls you need for your next event in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Canberra.

Book Fitness Model Claudia Jovanovski Exclusively through Cover Girl

Bikini Fitness gold medalist at the May 2018 Arnold Classic IFBB. Claudia is in excellent shape all year round. Among her achievement are;

IFBB Shameen Classic, Cape Town South Africa – 5 May 2018
·      1st Place Bikini-Fitness Open
·      Overall Bikini-Fitness Champion

IFBB Australasia, Sydney, Australia – 5 March 2017
·      3rd Place Bikini-Fitness Open

 INBA Natural Olympia, Las Vegas, USA– 11 & 12 Nov 2016
·      1st Bathing suit Open
·      2ND Place Bikini Open
·      1st Angels Open (Professional status achieved)

WBFF Johannesburg, South Africa -11 June 2016
·      1st Place Bikini Open (Professional status achieved)

 WBFF Gold Cost, Australia -14 May 2016
·          2nd Place Bikini Open

 INBA Natural Olympia, Las Vegas, USA– 14-15th Nov 2015
·      1st Place Bikini Open (Professional status achieved)
·      1st Bathing suit Open

 All Female Classic, Melbourne Australia – 28th June 2015
·      1st Bikini Junior
·      3rd Open Bikini Model

 INBA Melbourne Title, Melbourne Australia 17th May 2015
·      1st Swimsuit model
·      2nd Bikini Model Novice
·      3rd Open Bikini Model

Claudia has featured in Oxygen Magazine, Womens Health and Fitness, and Maxim.